All Acting Classes are designed to be taken multiple times in each age category. The topics covered in class will be diverse for each session and are designed in a spiral curriculum format so that topics will be expanded upon in the next age level. This type of curriculum helps to create a solid foundation for acting technique development and skill. Improvisation will include Spolin rehearsal games and techniques.

Exploring Creative Dramatics (Grades PreK 3/PreK 4)
– Students will be exposed to fun, age appropriate games, lessons and more that will help them discover the earliest building blocks in improvisation and drama. Through theatre games and acting exercises we will focus on freeing the creative spirit of each child. Musical activities and creative movement will be included in each class session.

Discovering our Acting Toolbox - (Grades PreK – 1) – Students will explore character development, active listening, vocal training from musical theatre, and ensemble techniques.   Many tools will be used including improvisation and theatre games. 

Creating the Actor’s Toolbox - (Grades 2 – 4)
– Students will focus on the fundamentals of acting – making strong character choices to clarifying objectives. They will continue with character development and simple scene study. Improvisational games will be used to help students to understand the development of the character on stage. This class may include musical theatre activities.

Building the Actor’s Toolbox - (Grades 5 - 8) - Students will develop and deepen their understanding of the craft of acting by experiencing a variety of acting styles and methods including improvisation and scene work from contemporary literature as inspiration to creativity.

Acting: Process and Performance   (Grades 9 – 12) -   Students will continue to add to their acting  “toolbox” through the exploration of objectives and playable action as well as physical and vocal characterization.  Character development and acting choices utilizing scene study will be the main components of this class. We will also use improvisational activities to deepen your acting skills. This class is acting only, no musical component. It is a perfect choice for students wanting to deepen their skills for speech team, school theatre or local theatre work.

Acting Technique and Scene Study for Adults – For Adults who want to either try acting for the first time or have been away for a time and want to renew their acting skills. This class is a great fun way to gain confidence in performing and speaking in front of people while being introduced to the “toolbox” of the working actor. This a great opportunity to get a group of your friends together that have been “dying to get on the boards” and give it a try together!

Audition Techniques (Monologue Development) – separate sessions for each age group

Grades 2 – 4     Grades 5 – 8     Grades 9 - 12

All monologue classes will focus on age appropriate choices for monologues, breaking down the monologue and making good choices for development of this very important component in every actor’s toolbox. Fine-tuning your monologue work will help to make your next audition a success!

Improvisation Lab - separate sessions for each age group

Grades 2 – 4     Grades 5 – 8     Grades 9 – 12

Learn to think on your feet while keeping the story going…a class with lots of games, learning to make strategic choices while in the moment and have tons of fun creating a story from an idea! All future SNL people – come and join us! (We will be working in the short scene format improvisation.)